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Abdominal Hernia Center

Hospital São Lucas Copacabana has an Abdominal Hernia Center

​In its Medical Specialties Center, located in Shopping da Gávea, Hospital São Lucas Copacabana has an Abdominal Hernia Center. Coordinated by surgeon Dr. Heitor Santos, the unit is the first in the state of Rio de Janeiro dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of hernias in the abdominal wall, inguinal region, incisional, ventral or lumbar hernia. 

Having a space that includes the entire line of care related to hernias brings more safety and efficacy to patients, since it is the most operated condition in Brazil - with more than 280 thousand cases per year. At the Abdominal Hernia Center, the specialized team is able to carry out the diagnosis and the proper preoperative preparation and, if necessary, refer the patient for surgery at Hospital São Lucas Copacabana. 

Surgical patients with abdominal wall and inguinal region hernias will be treated using minimally invasive procedures, such as laparoscopy and the use of the robotic platform - both available at Hospital São Lucas and which offer the same efficacy as conventional surgeries. This way, their recovery will be less painful and faster, and they can return to their routine in a short time.​​