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Infusion Center

Infusion Center of Hospital São Lucas Copacabana


​With a comfortable environment and humanized care, the Infusion Center of Hospital São Lucas Copacabana, located in the Medical Center of Shopping da Gávea, is intended for patients who need intravenous, subcutaneous and intramuscular administration of drugs. Among them are antibiotics, immunosuppressants and chemotherapy for various diseases, in addition to blood products (blood and plasma). 

For the well-being of patients during administrations, the unit has large individual spaces with accommodation for a companion in a cozy environment, which also have TVs, WI-FI, cable TV and air conditioning during therapeutic administrations. The Infusion Center team is multidisciplinary and comprised of doctors, nurses and pharmacists who provide guidance before each procedure and are available to patients during administrations. 

In specific cases, such as those of cancer patients who have catheters, for example, the professionals of the center make contacts by phone before the infusions to warn about the importance of doing heparinization, a cleaning procedure that prevents obstruction of the canal.​