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About Us

Mission, Vision and Values


Valuing and preserving people's lives through the evolution of the quality of care and management practiced in the hospital.



​To be a hospital that inspires confidence through high performance excellence in welcoming people and providing health services.




- Ethics: We prioritize integrity and honesty throughout the reception of patients and their families, always inspired and guided by the Code of Ethics and Conduct.


- Safety: The patient's life comes first. Care for safety and well-being is a priority through the adoption of standards that ensure that all environments and procedures performed are in accordance with international standards.


- Hospitality: Valuing the safety, agility and comfort of all patients, family members and visitors, an experience of excellence, trust and respect is offered, involving all hospital staff.


- Collaboration: Collaborative work involving hospital teams is stimulated and encouraged daily in all environments, promoting improvement in the services provided and mutual learning.


- Excellence: All actions involving patients and visitors are designed to offer an excellent experience, from the initial assistance at the reception to the hospital discharge.