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Maior emergência da zona sul do Rio de Janeiro

With modern infrastructure and a service flow designed to quickly and safely receive patients for 24 hours, the emergency department of Hospital São Lucas Copacabana is considered the largest one in the South of Rio de Janeiro - with more than a thousand square meters, high standard and differentiated architectural design.  The commitment to receive the patient in the best way consecrated the hospital with the Distinction in Emergency Services certification, in the Diamond category, from the IQG-Health Services Accreditation institute – which attests to the quality of care in Brazilian emergency departments. 

We have a safe flow in screening, medical and multidisciplinary teams with full-time personal protective equipment (PPE), two screening rooms for risk classification, nine medical offices and 14 “rest cubicles" with individualized structure for patients with infectious conditions. Emergency operating rooms with high-tech equipment and integration with the diagnostic imaging service and ICU are also available to patients. 

The emergency department has important differentials:

  • Specialized emergency care in general surgery;
  • Specialized emergency care in cardiology;
  • Specialized emergency care in clinical medicine;
  • Specialized emergency care in orthopedics;
  • Specialized emergency care in otolaryngology.

​​​​​​Clinical staff 

* Dr. Fernando Souza Fernandes – Clinical Medicine
* Dr. Bruno Rausch – General Surgery
* Dr. Cintia da Silva Rodrigues – Clinical Medicine
* Dr. Georgea Bathomarco Correa Artiles – General Surgery
* Dr. Giovana Espindola Pereira – Gastroenterology
* Dr. Glauco da Silva Pereira – Cardiologist
* Dr. Guilherme J. F. Cappato de Oliveira – Dermatologist
* Dr. Iane Miguel Pereira – Clinical Medicine
* Dr. Igor Soares Manhães – Dermatologist
* Dr. Joana Burrowes Camara – Clinical Medicine
* Dr. Karina Guimaraes Gullo Chernicharo – Clinical Medicine and Intensive Care
* Dr. Larissa Vieira Tavares dos Reis - Pulmonology
* Dr. Luiza Viana Paim – Clinical Medicine
* Dr. Marcos Ravi Cerqueira Figueiredo – Neurologist
* Dr. Patricia de Moraes Morgado – Clinical Medicine and Intensive Care
* Dr. Rafael Marinato Castellar – Endocrinology and Metabology
* Dr. Renato Kaufman – Cardiologist
* Dr. Romulo Martins Elizardo – Psychiatrist
* Dr. Thays Improta Valle – Nutrology and Endocrinology
* Dr. Thiago Miranda Cardoso Pantaleão – Urologist
* Dr. Nuala Maia da Fonseca –General Surgeon and Coloproctology
* Dr. Rafael Calazans Bastos – General Surgeon
* Dr. Erika Fernandes Celino – General Surgeon
* Dr. Paula Vivas – Vascular Surgery
* Dr. Raphaela Gazzoli – General Surgery
* Dr. Edio Cavallaro – Otolaryngology
* Dr. Leticia Reis – Otolaryngology