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Patients and Visitors


The hemodynamic room at Hospital São Lucas Copacabana is equipped with the Axion Arts Siemens device, the only one in the city of Rio de Janeiro that provides three-dimensional images in real time – a technology that benefits diagnosis and evaluations, especially in the most complex procedures. The images and reports generated by the device are registered with digital technology and can be stored and made available on CDs for greater safety of the results and convenience for both the doctor and the patient. 

To schedule exams or obtain more information on results delivery deadlines, please contact us by phone (21) 2545-4141, from 8 am to 5 pm, or make an on-line appointment.

​​​​​​Clinical Staff

* Dr. Luiz Antonio Carvalho – Hemodynamics

* Dr. Constantino Gonzales – Hemodynamics

* Dr. Andre Souza – Hemodynamics

* Dr. Guilherme Lavall – Hemodynamics

* Dr. Rafael Lauria – Hemodynamics​