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Patients and Visitors


​In recent years, Hospital São Lucas Copacabana has expanded its operations in Nephrology, becoming one of the references in that specialty. HSL has a specialized and highly competent clinical staff for surgical interventions - including complex surgical procedures, such as transplantations. Currently, HSL is the only hospital in the city of Rio de Janeiro to perform combined kidney-pancreas transplantation, in addition to kidney transplantation. 

At the Hospital São Lucas Copacabana Specialties Center, the patient has access to clinical and outpatient treatment for kidney diseases through the Kidney and Pancreatic Diseases Treatment Center - which has a multidisciplinary team to welcome and support the patient throughout the line of care.  At HSL, screening and diagnosis tests, as well as follow-up, can be performed.

​​​​​​Clinical Staff​

* Dr. Pedro Tulio Rocha – Nephrologist
* Dr. Jadilson Pereira – Nephrologist
* Dr. Álvaro Steiner – Nephrologist
* Dr. Thalyta Moraes – Nephrologist