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Patients and Visitors


Abordagem humanizada dos pacientes e alta tecnologia

The humanized approach to patients and the high technology applied to diagnosis and treatment are the great differentials of Oncology at Hospital São Lucas Copacabana. In addition to having a renowned team of clinical oncologists, hematologists and oncology surgeons, the hospital also has a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the specialty – composed of specialized nurses, nutritionists and physiotherapists.

HSL has techniques for the resolution of several types of cancer, both solid and non-solid tumors. The Infusion Center, on the other hand, concentrates outpatient care for cancer patients and is able to administer various types of drug products - such as immunosuppressants, antibiotics and chemotherapy, being one of the most suitable options for patients to continue their treatment after discharge. 

Located at the HSL Medical Center, on the fifth floor of Shopping da Gávea, the unit was designed to protect the privacy of the patient, who receives the drugs products in individual spaces with accommodation for companions.

​​​​​​Clinical staff

* Dr. Frederico Muller - Oncologist
* Dr. Mariana Gil - Oncologist
* Dr. Sabrina Cristofaro - Oncologist
* Dr. Pedro Abreu - Oncologist
* Dr. Natália Nunes - Oncologist
* Dr. Carla Andrade - Oncologist