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Patients and Visitors

Robotic Surgery

Among the technologies in evidence in the field of medicine, robotic surgery stands out, mainly, in highly complex procedures. Since incorporating the DaVinci system in 2017, Hospital São Lucas Copacabana has performed approximately one thousand such surgeries, an average of 35 monthly. In fact, the first kidney removal for transplantation by robotic surgery in Brazil was also performed at the hospital, which allowed the patient to be discharged in only 24 hours.
With this technique, doctors control the surgical clamps, using a robotic platform - the console - that accurately simulates the surgeon's movements. Robotic surgery is considered an excellent therapeutic alternative because, in addition to being totally safe and reliable, it offers many benefits.

​​​​​​Advantages for Patients and Surgeons

Because it is minimally invasive, safer and more accurate than conventional methods, the surgical use of robots has several benefits for patients, such as minimizing post-operative trauma and pain, shorter surgery time and speeding up the recovery process.

It also favors surgeons, who reach areas that are difficult to access in other methods, have 3D visualization, with up to 15 times magnification of the operated area, and rely on the FireFly Fluorescence Imaging system, which identifies the most vascularized parts using a fluorescent light. In addition, the surgeon has better ergonomics, which optimizes his/her performance and ensures less fatigue and greater efficiency in longer procedures.
Today, robotic surgery is indicated for the treatment of cancer in the digestive, gynecological and urological systems. Obese patients and candidates for bariatric surgery are also among the most favored by this technology

​​​​​​Surgical Procedures with Robot Assisted Technology

  • Nephrectomy
  • Prostatectomy
  • Gynecological surgeries
  • Bariatric surgeries
  • Oncological surgeries of the digestive system
  • Oncological thoracic surgery

​​​​​​Clinical Staff

  • ​Dr. Fernando de Barros – Trauma Center Coordinator
  • Nurse Rodrigo José Felipe – Manager and reference nurse in the operating room
  • Nurse Eliana and Nurse Sérgio – Nursing coordinators
  • Dr. Carlos Galhardo – Anesthesia Service Coordinator