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Patients and Visitors


​Considered as a reference in the transplantation sector in Rio de Janeiro, Hospital São Lucas Copacabana is qualified by the National Transplant System (SNT) to conduct the following modalities: 

  • Liver transplants;
  • Kidney transplant;
  • Pancreas-kidney transplant. 

HSL is currently also accredited for bone marrow transplants. The effort brought results: in the first quarter of 2018, the hospital performed the largest number of kidney transplants with living donors in the state of Rio de Janeiro. HSL was also the pioneer in Latin America in performing interventional liver transplantation (when the organ comes from a living donor) in patients with colorectal liver metastasis - considered a pioneering technique. 

The numbers are promising: more than 25 liver transplants - five with live donors, 45 kidney transplants and eight combined pancreas-kidney transplants performed since the beginning of the programs. The combined pancreas-kidney transplantation, one of the rarest types of transplants, is also among the specialties of HSL. 

To improve patients' experience and preserve their health, the hospital invested in teams specialized in transplanting abdominal organs to offer a humanized and dedicated welcome to transplant patients. In addition, there is an ICU and a post-operative department dedicated exclusively to the care of transplant patients.

​​​​​​Clinical Staff

* Dr. Eduardo Fernandes
* Dr. Romolo Guida
* Dr. Felipe Mello
* Dr. Ronaldo Andrade
* Dr. Leandro Pimentel
* Dr. Camila Girão
* Dr. Camila Cesar
* Dr. Ricardo Mattos
* Dr. Giltamar Marques – Anesthesiologist
* Dr. Bruno Vilanova – Anesthesiologist
* Dr. Ronie Marques – Anesthesiologist
* Dr. Walbert Fiorot – Anesthesiologist
* Dr. Gabriel Murad – Anesthesiologist
* Dr. Felipe Robalinho – Anesthesiologist